Saturday, May 14, 2016

I, Ripper by Stephen Hunter Review

I, Ripper by Stephen Hunter
This book had me pulled in as soon as I read the summary, but did not live up to the expectations that I had for it, which is unfortunate. I really wanted to enjoy this book from cover to cover, but there were parts of the story that slowed down so much that I had to push myself to continue reading. However, that was only two or three times, and the rest of the novel rolled through smoothly and had me sitting on the edge of my seat, awaiting the characters to find clues about Jack the Ripper. Speaking of our dear antagonist, the reveal of the killer was not what I had expected, and I hate to say that I was not as surprised as I had hoped I would’ve been, and had predicted who it was chapters before we were told. The character development throughout the novel flowed very nicely, and the writing was amazing, it truly draws the reader into the storyline. It had an elegance that is hard to find in books these days, and allows the reader to create the scenes of the book inside their minds very vividly. If you’re a fan of anything about Jack the Ripper or are looking for a good mystery, I would definitely recommend reading this novel :)

“I’m far too intelligent to be brave, thank you very much.” 
― Stephen HunterI, Ripper: A Novel

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